General Questions

What is the difference between Photo (Photo-Illustrated) Bible and other Bibles?

Is there a Photo Bible version for tablet computers?

Photo-Illustrated Bible for tablets will be available by Christmas 2013.

What do different church officials say about Photo-Illustrated Bible?

His Holiness Patriarchs of Moscow and all Russia Kirill the First and His Beatitude Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Fouad Twal supported and blessed the Photo-Illustrated Bible.

Is there a search function at your site?

It will be active by Januar 1, 2014.

Can I see two different versions of the Photo-Illustrated Bible at the same time?


How can I contact you?

You can do it by e-mail listed on Contacts page of our web-site. Also there is a special fillable form on the same page to make your contact easier.

Is there any web-links available in the Genealogy Table that can bring me to the proper biblical verses?

They are currently unavailable due to the technical reasons, but they will be activated by Spring 2014.

How can I make a bookmark?

In contrast with many other electronic versions of the Holy Bible that lead you to the corresponding biblical verse, our bookmarks are designated to tag the photographic pictures. In order to make it, please click icon above the picture. You can retrieve / access it by clicking on “Bookmark” icon.



Why do I need my registration?

You have an unlimited, unrestricted and free of charge access to all biblical texts available at our web-site. Also you can experience basic functions available to the users, including viewing the old photographic pictures of the Holy Land and zooming them in. However, without registration, you can access only a limited number of photographs, namely, the ones from the Book of Genesis and Gospel According to Matthew, i.e. only 144 pictures out of several thousands. Your access to the Holy Land maps also will be limited, too. By registering with us, you can explore, zoom in and download in high resolution all aforementioned photographic pictures as well as access George Adam Smith atlas and the unique Old Testament Genealogy Tables. In addition, after registration, you can have a better preview of our printed products and exchange you opinion and comments with your friends, create your own chat groups, etc. on our site.

Finally, only registered users can participate in biblical trivia that takes part each quarter (the main prize of such trivia is prepaid Holy Land tours for 2 persons).

Can I restore and/or change my password after registration with your site?


How can I retrieve my password if I forgot it?

There is a corresponding link for it on the login page а.

Can I register with your site via Google, Twitter, FaceBook?

This function will be available very soon. Please follow our announcements.

How long my registration will last?

Your registration is valid for 1 (one) year. You will receive a reminder to renew it in one month prior to its expiration.


Functions of the Icons

What does Red Camera symbol in the text mean?

It indicates that there is a photo illustration available for the following biblical verse.

What does the icon mean?

By clicking this icon, you can activate a zooming function and get an additional window at the left side of your monitor with magnified fragment of the picture that you are viewing at the right side. You can change the zoomed fragment of the original picture by pointing your cursor at the part of the photograph that you would like to see in details.

When I click on the "Holy Sepulchre" icon , I see a link to download archive containing file with *.mov extension. What are the requirements for the computer to view such?

You have to have Quick Time viewer in order to do so. If you don’t have one, you can download it here.


Photo Illustrations

When were these photographs taken?

We used photographs taken in the second half of the 19-th century – early 20-th century. The earliest picture was made in 1855. They are used for illustration purpose only and, therefore, we decided not to show dates or authorship of these pictures. Old photographs contains images of the nature, structures and people of the Holy Land including the elements of the daily life of the latter. Of course, some personal images can be somehow different from ones you can expect from the people who lived very long time ago, i.e., in the course of Biblical Epoch. We hope that this difference is not very significant, and you can get an appropriate impression how the Holy Land looked like before the modern civilization changed it.

How can I magnify (zoom in) the photographs?

You can do it by clicking icon at the picture fragments you would like to see in details.

Can I download the pictures free of charge?

Yes, you can download for free 1 picture if you are a guest user. Standard and premium account users can download up to 10 and 30 pictures without additional fees, respectively.

Can I download high resolution photographs in larger than the mentioned above numbers for the various account types?

Yes, but it will require an additional payment of the small fee.

Can I go through all available photos by scrolling mouse wheel?

You can do it for the sets assigned to each biblical book separately. We do not allow simultaneous loading of the whole picture collection, for it will slow down operation of our web-site.

Can I print out the biblical text together with the photographs imbedded in it?


Can I print out high resolution pictures directly from your site?


Can I bookmark biblical text that does not contain a photograph?

No. However, if our users would exhibit such interest, we will consider introduction of such function.

How can I close an information window with the description of the photograph in the lower right corner of the screen?

Please click the text on the left side of the information window. In order to show it again, please click one more time.


Photo - Illustrated Musical Bible

When will the full versions of Photo-Illustrated Musical Bible will replace their demo versions?

We estimate that our work on Mozart Bible and other similar products would continue for the next 3 years or so. We will inform you about our progress by e-mail.

Do you plan to provide musical soundtracks for all versions of the Holy Bible listed in "Bible in various translations" section?

No. At this moment, we continue working on only already claimed versions of the Photo-Illustrated Musical Bible. However, we may prepare any other version of the Holy Bible with the musical soundtrack if we receive such an order from our customers.

Why I should turn on reader’s voice and music separately?

This gives you more flexibility in your choice what and how you can listen to the electronic Bible.


The Holy Land Atlas

Why did you choose the work of George Adam Smith Atlas for your Photo-Illustrated Bible?

Our editorial board decided that this is the best and the most suitable source of biblical maps. It is this books that has become the main source for the majority of the modern biblical maps.

Can I zoom in maps?

Yes. Just click icon.

Can I print our magnified map images?


Can I download maps?



Printed Photo-Illustrated Bible and its electronic versions

What language versions of the New Photo-Illustrated Bible can I get from your company?

You can purchase English, Spanish and Russian versions of the Holy Bible. We plan to release Portuguese and German versions of the New Photo-Illustrated Bible soon.

Can I place an order for the specific version of the New Photo-Illustrated Bible В ?


What do I need to read electronic the New Photo-Illustrated Bible in the Flash format? What is the difference between the latter product and the version(s) of the Holy Bible available on you web-site?

You need to have Adobe Flash Player on your computer to view our Flash format products. If you don’t have it, you can download this software here.


On-line Shop

How do you deliver your printed Holy Bible books? How long does it take to get it?

We mail our orders via the United States Postal Service, and it takes from 3 to 30 days to get it delivered to different locations.